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Parents and authorized persons must show an I.D. in order to pick up their camper. No child will be allowed to leave with someone whose name does not appear on the INFORMATION FORM or added below. This rule will be strictly enforced. New York Fashion Accessories Camp staff will accompany campers at all times. If a parent or guardian will not be bringing to camp or picking up their camper from camp, a note (see below) giving them permission to arrive/leave alone is required. We assume no responsibility for the safety of your camper either before or after they have signed themselves in/out of camp. If a camper has to leave during the time camp is in session, a note from a parent/guardian is required.

The following people have my (parent/guardian) permission to pick up my camper from
15 West 24th Street, New York, New York:


(parent/guardian) give my child*

(child’s name) permission to arrive at Camp*

(15 West 24th Street, New York, New York) and leave Camp (at 4:30pm) unaccompanied by an adult/caretaker.





To Mail - Print out form with Check and send to:
New York Fashion Accessories Camp (NYFAC) Jennifer Siletski PO Box 104 Millburn, NJ 07041

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